Prospective students should follow the following procedures when applying for admission to the Center for Sport Leadership at VCU.

Please note that applications cannot be processed until they are complete (including test scores). Only complete applications will be reviewed.

Application and personal statement

Applicants must complete the Center for Sport Leadership at VCU application and personal statement.

Application deadlines

Full-time applicants

Full-time students may only apply for fall admission into the Center for Sport Leadership at VCU program.

  • Jan. 15: Deadline for first wave of applications
  • March 1: Deadline for second wave of applications
  • April 15: Final application deadline

Distance-learning applicants

  • Fall semester: April 15
  • Spring semester: Nov. 1
  • Summer semester: March 15

Students who are unable to enroll for the semester for which they are accepted may request a deferment. This should be submitted in writing as soon as possible in order to be considered.

Application fee

A $65 application fee must accompany your application. Cash is not accepted. Please pay with a credit card when you submit your online application.

Personal statement

In your personal statement, please address topics such as: why you are pursuing this degree, why you are a good candidate for admission, what you see as your future career path, and what has prepared you to succeed in the Center for Sport Leadership. While you do not have to address all of those topics, some combination of them is preferable. Please complete your personal statement in no more than two single-spaced pages.

Official transcripts

Center for Sport Leadership at VCU applicants must provide official copies of transcripts documenting all undergraduate and postgraduate course work. This includes transcripts from junior or community colleges, or any transfer credits applied toward your degree. Transcripts must be submitted in an appropriately sealed envelope and show the degree and date conferred.

Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale on their last 60 semester hours of study.

NOTE: The lack of a 3.0 GPA will not completely eliminate your chance of admission, but it factors heavily in the admissions process.


Applicants must include three letters of recommendation in their admissions packet. These letters must be from persons who are qualified to give information concerning the applicant's probable success in the Center for Sport Leadership at VCU. Recommendations should be submitted in a sealed envelope and mailed to the Center for Sport Leadership or completed in your online application.

Residency form

In-state applicants must complete the application for Virginia in-state tuition. This form is used to track residency status at the University level and to determine university fees. However, the base Center for Sport Leadership tuition rate is the same for in- and out-of-state students.

Test scores

Either the GRE or the MAT is required for admission into the Center for Sport Leadership at VCU. Register online to take the GRE, or call the VCU MAT Test Center at (804) 828-6277 or the National MAT Test Center at (800) 622-3231 to take the MAT.


Applicants must include a current copy of their resume in the application packet.