Ph.D. in Education — Sport Leadership track

Foundations component 6
EDUS 702 Foundations of Educational Research and Doctoral Scholarship I 3
EDUS 703 Foundations of Educational Research and Doctoral Scholarship II 3
Research component 12
EDUS 710 Educational Research Design 3
EDUS 711 Qualitative Methods and Analysis 3
STAT/SOCY 608 Statistics for Social Research 3
Advanced research elective 3
Concentration component 18
SPTL 701 Seminar in Sport Research 3
SPTL 702 Seminar in Sport Leadership and the Profession 3
MGMT 643 Applied Multi-Variate Methods 3
SPTL 600-level elective from M.Ed. program 3
Doctoral-level course work in focus area (university-wide electives)* 6
Co-curricular activities: pre-dissertation research**
Externship component 3
EDUS 700 Externship 3
Co-curricular activities: collegiate teaching, grant writing
Dissertation component 9
EDUS 890 Dissertation Seminar 3
EDUS 899 Dissertation Research 6
Total minimum credits 48

*Must take at least 3 credits outside of SOE; can be a research elective, within concentration, or over and above 48 hour requirement

**Must have co-curricular activities – no credits, but required (example: teaching, presenting, grant writing, etc.)