Have a question? Take a moment to review the most frequently asked questions about the Center for Sport Leadership at VCU.

Application and admissions processes

  • Do I need an undergraduate degree in physical education, sports management or other related major to apply to your school?

    No. The Center for Sport Leadership at VCU encourages applicants from all backgrounds to apply to our program. We feel that the various experiences and education areas of our students add to the learning environment of the Center for Sport Leadership.

  • Do I need to take any prerequisite courses before entering the Center for Sport Leadership program?

    No. Although no prerequisites are necessary, we may suggest certain course work prior to entering the program based upon the individual background of the student.

  • When applying, what information must I include in order to be considered for admission?

    Students must submit the following materials together in order to be considered for admission:

    • An online application and statement of purpose
    • Resume
    • $65 application fee (paid via credit card or made payable to VCU in the form of a check)
    • Completed residency form
    • Three letters of recommendation
    • GRE or MAT test scores
    • Official transcripts from undergraduate school(s) and post-graduate institutions
  • How long do admissions decisions take once my application is complete and submitted?

    The process takes approximately four to six weeks after your application is submitted in full.

  • Do I have to begin course work in the fall?

    Full-time, on-campus students may begin course work only in the fall semester, as students complete the fall and spring semesters as a cohort. Distance learning students may begin course work in the fall, spring or summer semester.

  • Residency

  • If I am a non-Virginia resident, do I pay a higher tuition rate?

    No. All students are charged the same base tuition rate regardless of residency status. However, university fees will differ slightly for in- and out-of-state students.

  • Scholarships

  • Are scholarships available? If so, what do I need to do?

    The Center for Sport Leadership offers two types of scholarships as well as positions as graduate assistants. Scholarship information and application processes can be found on our website under the admissions link. Also, VCU Financial Aid offers students assistance in payment plans, tuition rates and other financial matters to make our program possible for so many students. The VCU School of Education may offer additional funding opportunities.

  • Non-degree seeking students

  • I have already taken some graduate courses as a non degree-seeking student, or at another institution. May I use these as part of the total credits needed for the Center for Sport Leadership master's degree program?

    We may accept up to six credits in graduate-level courses taken prior to entering the Center for Sport Leadership at VCU program, as long as they have not been applied to any other degree program. However, all credits must be reviewed and approved by the Center for Sport Leadership academic director prior to being accepted as part of the degree requirement.

  • Disability Support Services

  • If I have a special learning need, are there any supportive services available or exceptions to the structured curriculum?

    VCU's Office of Disability Support Services will work with you to determine any appropriate academic adjustments. The office can be reached at (804) 828-9782 or, for TDD, at (804) 828-4608. Students must complete all required course work for the master's degree; however, modifications to the structure of the curriculum may be made for students with special learning needs.

  • Distance learning

  • Do you offer distance-learning (computer, print-based) courses?

    Yes. We currently offer between four and five online courses each semester.

  • If I am a distance-learning student, what special requirements must I fulfill?

    As part of our distance-learning requirements, degree-seeking students enrolled in online courses must fulfill one on-campus requirement. The Center for Sport Leadership staff and faculty like to meet students personally before they graduate from the program. To meet the on-campus requirement, students may take an intensive, one-week course offered in the summer on the VCU campus, or they may take the European Model of Sport course (which is offered once per year).

  • As a distance learner, how do I fulfill my externship requirement?

    Distance learners are not required to complete an externship as part of their required course work. However, the externship is advised for distance learners who are not already working in the industry. For on-campus, full-time students, the externship is a requirement for graduation.

  • Curriculum

  • What academic requirements must I meet to stay in the sport leadership program?

    Students must maintain a "B" average in all courses, and cannot graduate with a GPA below 3.0. Additionally, any student who receives a "C" in any course is reviewed for continuation in the program, and any student who receives two "C's" or one "D" or "F" will be automatically terminated from the program.

  • How long does it take to receive a master's degree in your program?

    For full-time students, our program ranges from 12 to 16 months. This includes two semesters of on-campus course work and a final externship. Our distance learning program varies for each student, but averages around 24 to 36 months of course work.

  • Can I work full time while attending classes?

    Our 12- to 18-month full-time program is very demanding. We therefore recommend that students do not work full time.

  • Career opportunities

  • What career opportunities are available for a graduate of VCU's Center for Sport Leadership program?

    Center for Sport Leadership at VCU alumni have found career opportunities in a wide variety of companies and organizations. Some of these positions include marketing and promotions directors, athletic coaches (all levels), YMCA program directors, facilities managers and assistants, ticketing directors, and sport team managers. Given the constant growth of the sports industry, the Center for Sport Leadership at VCU program provides graduates a solid background in all aspects of the field.