SEED Class

Sport and Entertainment Event Development

Empowerment is one of the core values of the Center for Sport Leadership, and at the CSL, we have created an outlet through which students practically apply course work through the implementation of a variety of local sports events. This outlet, called Sports Entertainment and Event Development (SEED), is a two semester course focused on empowering our students to plan and manage an event. In other words, it is an event management laboratory where students directly apply the program’s general sport leadership curriculum in a minimally controlled environment.

Over the course of the CSL year, students plan and execute sporting events for the Richmond community. Three of the events, Kickin 4 Kidz, Young Aces Open, and Turn4Education were completely created by SEED students in 2009, 2010, and 2013, respectively. They are now annual events.

The educational experiences gained by the students in SEED include such areas as sponsorship, timeliness, logistics and equipment, liability insurance, risk management, food & beverage operations and transportation and parking.

Most importantly, the students are the decision makers-from conception to implementation to evaluation. We believe student involvement is crucial in creating a meaningful learning experience. This form of community service learning not only helps local people in the community but also contributes to the overall development of successful sport leaders, which is a core component of the CSL curriculum.