Faculty and staff

Meet the Center for Sport Leadership at VCU's faculty and staff, an interdisciplinary group of the industry's top leaders who are eager to share their knowledge with the next generation.

On-campus faculty and staff

Carrie LeCrom, Ph.D., executive director
Brendan Dwyer, Ph.D., director of research and distance learning
Gregory Greenhalgh, Ph.D., director of student services and outreach
Greg Burton, director of communications and engagement
Abby Bergakker, business manager
Beatriz Ferreira, academic coordinator

Adjunct faculty

Carrie Blankenship
Ashley Duguay
Peter Dicce, J.D.
Robert Foley
Tanya Forneris, Ph.D.
Jerrine Lee
Stephen Shapiro, Ph.D.
Daniel Silverman, J.D.