Full-time Master of Sport Leadership

The Master of Sport Leadership is the primary degree earned by our students. Designed to prepare students for work in positions of influence within the sports industry, it is a full-time course of study over a period of 12 to 16 months located on the VCU campus in Richmond, Virginia. 


Full-time M.S.L. students:

  • Begin their coursework in the fall semester
  • Attend courses on campus
  • Devote their full time and attention to the program
  • Take five classes per semester
  • Participate in all activities and requirements of the program

Full-time students complete the following schedule over 12 to 16 months:

  • Fall semester — 15 credits (five courses)
  • Spring semester — 15 credits (five courses)
  • Summer or the following fall semester — six credits consisting of an externship in the sport industry

Degree requirements

To see the graduation requirements, core courses, electives and full curriculum of the M.S.L. program, visit the VCU Bulletin.

Why leadership?

As in, why do we offer a Master of Sport Leadership, instead of a Master of Sport Management, the comparable degree you’ll see at most other schools? At CSL we think our students should focus on more than simply managing changes in the industry; they should be industry leaders. Leadership is more than a buzzword at CSL. It's why our students engage with the local community, earn valuable job experience as part of our curriculum and set the agenda for the future of our industry.

Together we lead.