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Full-time Center for Sport Leadership at VCU students who earn their 36-credit graduate degree on campus must begin their course work in the fall semester.

Full-time students are expected to devote their full time and attention to the program while completing their degree, taking five classes per semester and participating in many other activities and requirements of the program.

Full-time students complete the following schedule over 12 to 16 months:

  • Fall semester โ€” 15 credits (five courses)
  • Spring semester โ€” 15 credits (five courses)
  • Summer and/or following fall semester โ€” six credits

The final three to six credits of the full-time program consist of an externship opportunity where students have the ability to apply the knowledge, skills and abilities gained in the classroom to an organization within the sport industry.

Course requirements

Course work for full-time students comprises a combination of required and elective courses. All full-time students will collectively take the required core courses.

Although crossover exists among some electives, most are specific to a student's pursued interests.

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