A Plan of Action, A Path to Change

We wanted our first statement on #BlackLivesMatter to be more than words.

Shortly after the murder of George Floyd on May 25, we at the CSL engaged in many conversations with our Black students and alumni about how they are feeling and what they are thinking. 

We listened and learned from each of them. 

We began to educate ourselves and look internally to identify ways we can improve our program.

We used this time to be thoughtful and intentional in developing a plan of action that will make a true impact. 


On Wednesday June 24, we met with a group of Black alumni to discuss a strategy to inspire ideas and transform those ideas into action. 

On June 25, 30 days after the murder of George Floyd, we shared the first step, the first of many, in this path to change. 


VCU Center for Sport Leadership is launching a series of first-person, multi-media reflections produced by Black students and alumni. 

Our goal is to provide a platform for the #CSLnetwork to share their authentic, unfiltered experiences being Black in America.

Our goal is to collaborate with the Black community, listen to their stories and understand their perspective.

Our goal is to empower our most important stakeholders to inspire others.

Our goal is to demand accountability in the battle to end systemic racism. 

Our goal is to amplify our global-mindedness with a strong, clear message of diversity, inclusion, and equity.


We will not tolerate hate or injustice of any kind.

We will be part of the solution to end racism.

We will start with education, move to action and be the change we need.


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