CSL Celebrates Women in Sport

CSL students, alumni, and VCU Athletics staff participate in our Women in Sport celebration.
CSL alumni participate in Women in Sport Day

“When talking sports, I’m usually the last one [they] talk to,” said panelist Lindsey Biggs, Spider Club Operations Coordinator at the University of Richmond. “I play a game with them to get into the conversation and prove myself by talking sports statistics.”


Although National Girls & Women in Sports Day was February 6th this year, the Center for Sport Leadership felt it deserved special recognition. The CSL invited five strong female panelists to join our cohort during the Sociology of Sport class. Graduate students got a chance to participate in some group activities with our panelists and a Q&A session.


“Representation of women in sports is really important,” said panelist Vanessa Moore, director of the Ram Athletic Fund for VCU Athletics. “I’m really happy we are having these types of conversations.”


Panelists spoke about strong female and male mentors they’ve had who helped them get to where they are today and what it feels like to have transitioned into the role of mentor themselves. “I understand what its like being the only woman in a room full of men,” Moore said. Other panelists included Michelle Meadows, interim athletic director at Longwood University, Madison Medlin, Senior director of marketing and special events for the First Tee of Greater Richmond, and Maura Smith, our panelist facilitator, director of human recourses for VCU Athletics.


“Confidently let your guard down,” Medlin told CSL students as they offered some last words of advice. “Bloom where you’re planted,” said Meadows. “Figure out where you can contribute and show them your value.”

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